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21 Sep 2017  Flying on campus

In the United States alone more than one million pilotless aircraft are now flying around. Better known as drones, these are an interesting development not only in terms of technology but also for safety and privacy reasons. That was the feeling...[more]

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20 Sep 2017  Solar Team Eindhoven's motivation ‘sky high’ after setback

Solar Team Eindhoven hopes, despite initial bad luck, to “smash it” in Australia during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, starting 8 October. The TU/e students got back their solar car only yesterday and their battery only today - over three...[more]

19 Sep 2017  Deadline for SSRE, club seeks temporary premises

SSRE has until October 1st at the latest to vacate the Bunker and is making every effort to find temporary accommodation. A series of setbacks, say students, means the renovation of the club's new premises is still not yet on the cards....[more]

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19 Sep 2017  University Council warns of problems with ICT systems

The ICT systems such as Osiris and Canvas that were implemented on March 13 of this year to support the education process are suffering considerable problems. The University Council is concerned and Executive Board member Jo van Ham made known...[more]

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18 Sep 2017  Noche de Tuna less busy, but no less fun

The Noche de Tuna, a mini-festival involving Spanish-speaking musical groups, drew fewer visitors than the Eindhoven-based organizers had hoped for. This was due in part to the fact that in Spain resits for exams fell in the same weekend, says...[more]

Category: Student

15 Sep 2017  A year's world news in 152 photographs

More than 80,000 photos of world news from the past year have been submitted for the World Press Photo of the Year. Of these, the jury has selected 152 as prize winners and, as it does every year, the prize-winning exhibition is travelling to...[more]

Category: Student, Campus

15 Sep 2017  TU/e innovation Space gets off to an ambitious start

The TU/e innovation Space, which was officially opened Thursday afternoon, is intended to drive the continued development of TU/e's hands-on education. In cooperation with lecturers, researchers and industry, students will work here on societal...[more]

Category: Research, Student, Campus

14 Sep 2017  Paintballing on Flux field with 60-year-old Japie

Almost four hundred TU/e staff and students have got the green light to go into battle on the Flux field on September 26 and 27. For these two days the lawn will be converted by chemistry study association Japie into a paintball site. This...[more]

Category: Student

11 Sep 2017  Home team steals SensUs show

The T.E.S.T. team from Eindhoven has emerged as the clear winner of the SensUs competition that took place last week Friday and Saturday at TU/e. The home team won three of the four categories: analytical performance, translational potential and...[more]

Category: Research, Student

8 Sep 2017  Will Stella Vie get out of Asia in time for World Solar Challenge?

Solar Team Eindhoven is having really bad luck in the run-up to the World Solar Challenge, which kicks off in Australia on October 8. The transportation of solar car Stella Vie as well as its battery pack is not going according to plan. This...[more]

Category: Student

8 Sep 2017  Student unions: many international students homeless

According to the Dutch Student Union (LSVb) and the Groningen Student Union (GSb) yet again this year the shortage of rooms for international students is soaring. But according to the student housing providers the situation is actually not so...[more]

Category: Student

5 Sep 2017  Lecturer of the Year: “Learning is something you do step by step”

“Get students started step by step and then let them go their own way.” That's the secret of Ivo Roghair, assistant professor at Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. At the opening of the academic year Monday he was presented with the Educational...[more]

Category: Student

5 Sep 2017  D66 leader Pechtold makes TUs no firm commitment

While D66 leader Alexander Pechtold does not believe the TUs should be penalized for their success in increasing student intake, at the opening of the TU/e's academic year he did not take the opportunity to state how they should be rewarded....[more]

Category: Student, Campus

1 Sep 2017  “Do they go in for curling here as well?”

Occasionally the new Master students are surprised by the variety of cultural and sports associations available at TU/e. For who would expect there to be a climbing association in a country as flat as the Netherlands? In turn, the organization is...[more]

25 Aug 2017  Intro ’17 | Rappers turn Flux lawn into a savage field

The text involves rather a wide selection of hard and wet vital parts, and it does lead to an unusually savage feast on the campus on Friday afternoon. “All of this was mere foreplay, folks. Are you ready for the real McCoy? I insist on seeing a...[more]

Category: Student, Intro 2017

25 Aug 2017  Intro ’17 | Group ‘124’ steals the show

Day four has begun and by now the Intro is taking its toll. This causes such a shortage of people in groups ‘1’ and ‘24’ of Biomedical Engineering that it is decided to join the two clubs. And what do you get then? Exactly: 1 + 24 = 124.

Category: Intro 2017, Student

25 Aug 2017  Intro '17 | Jumping jacks, push-ups and burpees

You have hardly slept a wink and you’ve got a hangover. What can you do? That’s it, get moving! So that’s what lots of people were doing on the Flux lawn, where Intro kids and their mummies and daddies alike were doing push-ups, jumping jacks and...[more]

25 Aug 2017  Intro '17 | The swimming pool, the gossip and the truth

True, it is a bit frightening, to be left at the mercy of other parents than your biological ones just like that. Days 1 and 2 are usually still okay - but after that the deprivation hits home irrevocably. Then you would just like to call them...[more]

Category: Student, Intro 2017

25 Aug 2017  Lay a solid base and then it’s party time!

Getting to know your fellow students. Of course. Learning about the university. Goes without saying. Following workshops, useful too. But hey, the importance of eating and drinking is not to be sneezed at. And by all appearances you, the Intro...[more]

Category: Student, Campus

25 Aug 2017  Intro ’17 | Don’t believe us just watch

Open-minded and in large numbers you have been working along and have obediently been singing a phrase as instructed. The result being this swinging, sun-drenched video clip, after diligent nocturnal editing. Intro 2017 was a party. Don’t believe...[more]

Category: Student, Intro 2017

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