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17 Nov 2017  And how are things in Neuchâtel?

Switzerland is famous for its neutrality, the Alps and the high prices. While the last one is most certainly true (about twice the price of the Netherlands), it is worth the price though. Granted, that Swiss placement fee helps. For four months...[more]

16 Nov 2017  New student bar to be named Hubble

Not that it was a big secret, but the new name of the soon-to-be completed bar in Luna was officially announced on Wednesday evening. These student-run catering premises will be called 'Hubble', after the well-known space telescope. Team Bar...[more]

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16 Nov 2017  Special Diversity | Home and Away

Far from home, three hundred students are living in Aurora (and there are another four hundred plus in Luna). They have left house and home to study in the Netherlands, at TU/e. What do they miss? (spoiler alert: family members and pets). And...[more]

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15 Nov 2017  TU/e plummets in the university guide

The quality of education seems to have slipped at TU/e. In the latest Dutch-language guide to universities (Keuzegids Universiteiten), Eindhoven's university has dropped from third place in the overall ranking to seventh place in the course of a...[more]

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13 Nov 2017  And how are things in Delhi?

To be honest, India didn’t sound like my cup of tea. Since the land, culture, and climate are not really stroking with my personality. However, when this graduation project came across I just couldn’t leave it hanging.


13 Nov 2017  Nuffic: “Recruiting foreign students isn't an aim in itself”

It is a very good thing that so many foreign students are coming to the Netherlands, says Nuffic director Freddy Weima at the start of the Week of the International Student.

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9 Nov 2017  TU/e's iGEM team makes tumor gel

Eindhoven's iGEM team has arrived in Boston. In the coming days, the students will participate in the Giant Jamboree, competing with nearly three hundred teams from all over the world. Their competition entry is their project GUPPI, in which they...[more]

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7 Nov 2017  And how are things in Melbourne?

It has always been one of my biggest dreams to visit Australia. To make this dream come true by a semester studying in Melbourne obviously is a perfect solution.


3 Nov 2017  And how are things in Christchurch?

New Zealand is famous for its beautiful nature and its interesting Maori culture. The influences because of the past as a British colony are still very evident in Christchurch. The province of Canterbury is a very flat area, making it ideal to...[more]

3 Nov 2017  Crash course in business for students

A smart app, better care, innovative art…Some students are bursting with ideas, but aren't yet ready to take the plunge and set up their own company. Eindhoven Student Business Club is joining Startup24, a national initiative to give students a...[more]

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2 Nov 2017  Auditorium's hall becomes pop-up exam hall

The hall in the Auditorium will be in use Monday as an exam hall. This is a temporary arrangement that is being trialed. That morning, spread across the campus, a record number of first-year students - no fewer than 2,400 - will diligently apply...[more]

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31 Oct 2017  And how are things in Toronto?

When asked if I wanted to do my internship in Toronto, I wasn’t immediately sure. I was wondering, what kind of city is Toronto? Are there any fun things to do there? Is it a good University? Isn’t it a bit too far away from home? After deciding...[more]

27 Oct 2017  And how are things in Kampala?

For over two months already I have been living in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. If it is possible to compare countries then this has to be about the opposite of Holland. Efficiency is nowhere to be found and rules sometimes don’t seem to...[more]

27 Oct 2017  Flux as living lab for Internet of Things

Bachelor's students at TU/e cannot find appropriate courses concerning one of the hottest technology innovation - the Internet of Things (IoT). This is the opinion of George Exarchakos, Assistant Professor at Electrical Engineering. He organized...[more]

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26 Oct 2017  CLMN | Five wardrobe essentials for fall

All my girls know the struggle of fall in this country. With the record warmth on October 16th, Netherlands’ weather remains more unpredictable than ever. One day you walk out in shorts, breaking in sweat in your commute to class and the next day...[more]

25 Oct 2017  And how are things in Finland?

“Bad weather doesn’t exist, only bad clothing”, is the Finnish way of dealing with the cold and wet climate. But, how can you prepare yourself for darkness? This Nordic country is known for its short days in winter, and many people have already...[more]

16 Oct 2017  How can I survive a cooking crisis?

Whether you have just moved away from home to start your study program or have already been living independently for four years, the same applies: thinking up and preparing a tasty, healthy meal every day often involves a good deal of putting...[more]

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13 Oct 2017  Wearing boxing clubs to eat bitterballen

Visitors to the Connect with my Culture event last Wednesday were able to participate in and watch some of the oddest activities. Held in the Student Sports Center, the event included such wackiness as acroyoga, painting a Van Gogh, eating...[more]

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13 Oct 2017  Third world title in the bag for Solar Team Eindhoven

Having driven a convincing race from the start, Solar Team Eindhoven is almost certain to take victory in the Cruiser Class of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge once again. On Friday the TU/e students and their Stella Vie crossed the...[more]

12 Oct 2017  'Mild chaos' during move from Bunker to Luna

Some rooms in De Plint in Luna are not yet ready to use and so the associations are having to put the brakes on some of their activities. The building contractor has run into delays and current expectations are that everything will be ready by...[more]

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