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16 Nov 2017  New student bar to be named Hubble

Not that it was a big secret, but the new name of the soon-to-be completed bar in Luna was officially announced on Wednesday evening. These student-run catering premises will be called 'Hubble', after the well-known space telescope. Team Bar...[more]

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16 Nov 2017  Special Diversity | Home and Away

Far from home, three hundred students are living in Aurora (and there are another four hundred plus in Luna). They have left house and home to study in the Netherlands, at TU/e. What do they miss? (spoiler alert: family members and pets). And...[more]

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15 Nov 2017  TU/e plummets in the university guide

The quality of education seems to have slipped at TU/e. In the latest Dutch-language guide to universities (Keuzegids Universiteiten), Eindhoven's university has dropped from third place in the overall ranking to seventh place in the course of a...[more]

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2 Nov 2017  Auditorium's hall becomes pop-up exam hall

The hall in the Auditorium will be in use Monday as an exam hall. This is a temporary arrangement that is being trialed. That morning, spread across the campus, a record number of first-year students - no fewer than 2,400 - will diligently apply...[more]

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27 Oct 2017  Going home with a spring in your step after Vitality Week

The Student Sports Center is going to try to send TU/e employees home with a spring in their step. They are keen to raise staff awareness that it is healthy to move around during the working day, and that this can be easy to achieve. In...[more]

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16 Oct 2017  Applied Physics faces far-reaching reorganization

The Department of Applied Physics needs to make significant savings: one million euros on a total annual budget of nine million. This was announced last week Wednesday by Departmental Dean Gerrit Kroesen at a staff meeting. The draft...[more]

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13 Oct 2017  Wearing boxing clubs to eat bitterballen

Visitors to the Connect with my Culture event last Wednesday were able to participate in and watch some of the oddest activities. Held in the Student Sports Center, the event included such wackiness as acroyoga, painting a Van Gogh, eating...[more]

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12 Oct 2017  'Mild chaos' during move from Bunker to Luna

Some rooms in De Plint in Luna are not yet ready to use and so the associations are having to put the brakes on some of their activities. The building contractor has run into delays and current expectations are that everything will be ready by...[more]

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11 Oct 2017  Members of TU/e's LGBT community come together for the first time

There is a need for more activities for the LGBT community at TU/e. This became evident during an informal lunch gathering in De Zwarte Doos today. On international Coming Out Day, more than twenty employees and students discussed what more can...[more]

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9 Oct 2017  Paul Koenraad is the Graduate School’s new dean

On 1 November Paul Koenraad becomes dean of the Graduate School of TU/e, thereby succeeding Jan Fransoo who has held the position since 2013.

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6 Oct 2017  Martial arts specialist Huub Meijer makes way for new generation

For thirty years, Huub Meijer, former Dutch champion and national coach of the Dutch karate team, spent evening after evening in the dojo and the gym of the Student Sports Center working as an instructor. He taught students the intricacies of...[more]

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25 Sep 2017  New association Salaam forges link between science and Islam

TU/e has gained another association: Salaam. Its founders are keen to set up a faith-based association with a focus on Islam and science. The launch activity, a lecture and welcome speech, will be held on October 5.

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21 Sep 2017  Emergency services called out to three incidents on campus

A construction worker in TU/e's Atlas building fell from one floor to the next while working on Thursday morning. An elevated work platform brought in specially was used to get him back down to the ground. The emergency services were also called...[more]

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19 Sep 2017  University Council warns of problems with ICT systems

The ICT systems such as Osiris and Canvas that were implemented on March 13 of this year to support the education process are suffering considerable problems. The University Council is concerned and Executive Board member Jo van Ham made known...[more]

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15 Sep 2017  A year's world news in 152 photographs

More than 80,000 photos of world news from the past year have been submitted for the World Press Photo of the Year. Of these, the jury has selected 152 as prize winners and, as it does every year, the prize-winning exhibition is travelling to...[more]

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15 Sep 2017  TU/e innovation Space gets off to an ambitious start

The TU/e innovation Space, which was officially opened Thursday afternoon, is intended to drive the continued development of TU/e's hands-on education. In cooperation with lecturers, researchers and industry, students will work here on societal...[more]

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5 Sep 2017  D66 leader Pechtold makes TUs no firm commitment

While D66 leader Alexander Pechtold does not believe the TUs should be penalized for their success in increasing student intake, at the opening of the TU/e's academic year he did not take the opportunity to state how they should be rewarded....[more]

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1 Sep 2017  “Do they go in for curling here as well?”

Occasionally the new Master students are surprised by the variety of cultural and sports associations available at TU/e. For who would expect there to be a climbing association in a country as flat as the Netherlands? In turn, the organization is...[more]

30 Aug 2017   Lin-Lin Chen to become dean of the department of Industrial Design

Lin-Lin Chen, TU/e professor of Design Innovation Strategy, will be the new dean of the department of Industrial Design as of 1 March 2018. She currently is director of education of the master program Industrial Design.

Category: Campus

25 Aug 2017  Intro '17 | Jumping jacks, push-ups and burpees

You have hardly slept a wink and you’ve got a hangover. What can you do? That’s it, get moving! So that’s what lots of people were doing on the Flux lawn, where Intro kids and their mummies and daddies alike were doing push-ups, jumping jacks and...[more]

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